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Wow This Makes Me Mad

November 2, 2010

The other day on NPR there was a story about the Arizona immigration law that was passed back in April. And just in case you haven’t heard of the Arizona immigration laws- a little background.

Back in April Arizona passed a law that allows the police forces in Arizona to stop people who look like illegal immigrants, and have the right to detain and lock up anyone who is unable to show proof of legal entry into the United States. This means anyone that looks like an illegeal immigrant. As you can guess the passing of the law sent the country into a furor. It led to boycotts of Arizona, discord between neighboring states, and even anger internationally.

There is no doubt this law is an abhorred crime against civil rights, but now it’s shown that this law gets even uglier. It turns out that the lobbyists who pushed for this law work for private prisons companies. Click here to hear the NPR piece.

It makes me so mad to see that once again greed is the thing enabling human beings to treat other human beings so poorly. I’m a proponent of a free market economy, but never at the cost of human rights.


October 31, 2010

In case you haven’t voted yet- VOTE! The deadline is coming up very soon (November 2nd).

I don’t often share or like mass emails, but  a friend of mine recently sent me a very well written and poignant one that she received. It was inspiring, and had a very powerful message:. it doesn’t matter what your political views are, or which candidate you’re supporting, what matters most is that you vote period. He makes a wonderful point that many people on this earth don’t have the right to vote for their leaders. We’re so lucky to have that right, and we need to support it by voting.

I will add one thing though. It’s important to be an educated voter. I think it’s better to leave an answer blank than to pick a candidate at random. So be sure to research using materials sent to you by your state, websites like, or simply ask your friends who they’re voting for.

Anyhow, click below to check out the email. A very inspiring read.  Read more…

I Love My Hair!

October 26, 2010

I saw a great video making the rounds on Facebook the other day. In fact it even made it to Time Magazine. It was a viral video of a song that appeared in a Sesame Street episode. The song is called “I Love My Hair.”

In an interview on NPR the creator, head writer Joey Mazzarino, describes how he wrote the song for his daughter who’s adopted from Ethiopia. Having two white parents she was going through an identity crisis with her hair. She wanted flowing “white” person hair, and asked her parents why she was so different. A month or so later he discovered the issue affected more than just African-American children with white parents, it affected most of the black youth in general. He discovered this when he watched a documentary by comedian Chris Rock called Good Hair. So as a result Joey wrote the song, containing lyrics that were lessons and things he wanted to say to his daughter.

I think it’s great that Sesame street is dealing with identity issues in its show. Arguably much more important than the difference between near and far. Check out the video below:

Obama Gets on Board

October 23, 2010

The other day I posted about the It Gets Better Project by Dan Savage (check out the new website, it’s much better than the Youtube site it replaced).

Well a few days ago our President, Mr. Barack Obama, submitted a video himself. A wonderful gesture from the President. It’s amazing to see our leader support a grass roots effort against the bullying of our nations youth. So kudos to Dan Savage for starting the project, and kudos to the President for supporting it. See the video below: Read more…

“Something EXTREMELY Important.”

October 21, 2010
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Break-ups suck. Plain and simple. Whether you’re on the receiving end or the delivering end, it’s never ever fun.

I don’t need to express the complex mix of feelings involved, because I believe most of us have felt it. We’ve all felt it, yet we’re all convinced no one in the history of the world could be feeling such heart ache, such pain. That we’re the only ones alive who have lost something so important.

These ideas aren’t wholly mine, but come from one of my favorite episodes of this American Life. It’s episode #339: Break-up. A much recommended listen to anyone going through the heartache of a break-up. It has a brilliant act talking about break-up songs, and one of my favorite monologues ever, posted below.

It’s a beautiful/funny reminder from a beautiful/funny creature there are much more important things in life than failed relationships…

Back to Bikram

October 20, 2010

You ever go back to a hobby, a song, or a poem after awhile and become completely exhilarated? Having that beautiful realization of how amazing it is, and how much you’ve missed it. Well I’m there right now with bikram yoga.

I practiced a good amount when I lived in LA, and I loved it. I moved and the ski season approached, and took over my life. Road tripping in the spring, and I was pretty busy this summer getting my bearings in my new home. But now that I’m settled in and winter is approaching I’m beginning to rediscover myself and my hobbies here in Seattle.  Read more…

The Existential Crisis Post

October 19, 2010

Hi blog. It’s me. Your writer.

Sorry I haven’t been more diligent about writing in the past few months. Things have been a bit busy, and amongst other things I’ve been going through a bit of an existential crisis. And in all honesty it kind of started with you.

But I don’t think that’s abnormal. I think most amateur bloggers have web 2.0 existential moments. I know I posted some thoughts on this phenomenon awhile ago. What’s the point of blogging? Who’s going to read this? Why? It’s hard enough to expose your creative and personal thoughts, and it can be especially scary to broadcast them onto the internets. The creative mind is always vulnerable when it exposes itself, and I guess over the last few weeks I’ve been feeling a bit vulnerable. It’s not that I don’t have anything to write about. It’s quite the opposite. Everyday I have thoughts and reflections I’d love to share. But writing them is a whole other story. Read more…