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Wow This Gives Me Schadenfreude

November 26, 2010

This is old news now, but remember that post where I mentioned that awful Arizona immigration bill? Well according to the Colorado Independent a new study of economic data shows that Arizona is now losing money hand over fist due to it’s immigration bill. Though the study was fairly small (it concentrated only on business lost or gained  by the local convention centers), it still shows the impact such a bigoted law can cause.

Ever since the passing of the law back in April cities, states, countries, and musical groups have boycotted the state due to their government’s passing of racially intolerant laws. Sadly this world is run by capitalism, and this backlash is a perfect example that the only way we can truly make change is through our spending habits and/or boycotting of certain products and businesses. Studies like this give me hope that change can occur if we keep the public and consumers educated about the events happening around them.

So suck it Arizona. You’re a beautiful state- one of my favorite really. But your leadership sucks.

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