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Wow This Makes Me Mad

November 2, 2010

The other day on NPR there was a story about the Arizona immigration law that was passed back in April. And just in case you haven’t heard of the Arizona immigration laws- a little background.

Back in April Arizona passed a law that allows the police forces in Arizona to stop people who look like illegal immigrants, and have the right to detain and lock up anyone who is unable to show proof of legal entry into the United States. This means anyone that looks like an illegeal immigrant. As you can guess the passing of the law sent the country into a furor. It led to boycotts of Arizona, discord between neighboring states, and even anger internationally.

There is no doubt this law is an abhorred crime against civil rights, but now it’s shown that this law gets even uglier. It turns out that the lobbyists who pushed for this law work for private prisons companies. Click¬†here to hear the NPR piece.

It makes me so mad to see that once again greed is the thing enabling human beings to treat other human beings so poorly. I’m a proponent of a free market economy, but never at the cost of human rights.

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