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October 31, 2010

In case you haven’t voted yet- VOTE! The deadline is coming up very soon (November 2nd).

I don’t often share or like mass emails, but  a friend of mine recently sent me a very well written and poignant one that she received. It was inspiring, and had a very powerful message:. it doesn’t matter what your political views are, or which candidate you’re supporting, what matters most is that you vote period. He makes a wonderful point that many people on this earth don’t have the right to vote for their leaders. We’re so lucky to have that right, and we need to support it by voting.

I will add one thing though. It’s important to be an educated voter. I think it’s better to leave an answer blank than to pick a candidate at random. So be sure to research using materials sent to you by your state, websites like, or simply ask your friends who they’re voting for.

Anyhow, click below to check out the email. A very inspiring read. 


Greetings!  You are receiving this email by virtue of being an

“under-30” (or close) friend or acquaintance in my email address book.
As some of you know, I traditionally send out an inspirational (or
maybe just irritating?)  “Go Vote” message at election time.  That’s
because statistics show that younger voters are the least likely to
vote and most under-represented people at the polls, even though they
have more FUTURE at stake than all the rest of us.  News reports
predict that the notable upsurge in under-30 voting and participation
(attributed at least in part to enthusiasm about Obama 2 years ago)
has now waned and many of those people will not go back to the polls:

The economy is a mess and people are discouraged — but all the more
reason to vote — and don’t just “vote angry” — “vote smart”.

Yes, I have my opinions — and if you are interested in them scroll
down to the P.S.  below the following message.  But the primary
purpose of this is NOT to twist your arm about who to vote for —  I
respect everyone’s right to make their own decisions — but to remind
you (and all of us) how important it is TO VOTE.

I’m a cynic from way back, but the one time every couple years I get a
definite patriotic tingle is when I walk to the middle school just a
few blocks down the street (I feel more virtuous if I walk) to
exercise my right to participate in choosing the people who will lead
the nation and state in which I live.  People even younger than you
have died on foreign shores and given their lives to defend my right
to do this.  Civil rights activists in the South in the 50’s and 60’s
risked lynching by the Klan to defend the right of my fellow citizens
to do this.  In 1994, eighty year old black women in South Africa
stood in line in the sun for ten hours to have the opportunity to do
this for the first time in their life.   This is one of the most basic
human rights.

Because people like these have risked their lives, you don’t have to
risk anything.  All you have to do is show up.

Yes democratic elections are a mess.   Sometimes the candidates are
mediocre,  the level of public discourse is abysmal, the commercials
are nauseating, big money corrupts the process, and the entire
enterprise is in need of massive reform.  Nevertheless, the
candidates, the speechwriters, the spin doctors, the ad writers and
the big bucks contributors don’t get to walk behind the curtain with
you — you go there alone.  You get to choose.  You have the last

This country, for all its many flaws, has continually shown a capacity
to correct itself and improve itself — to bring the ideals the
founders appealed to years ago closer and closer to reality — to make
democracy more inclusive.  But you can’t be included if you don’t
exercise the rights you have been given.  What the soldiers at
Gettysburg did for us, what the suffragettes who marched did for us,
what the Marines who died on D-Day did for us, what the civil rights
workers who died did for us — it’s all an empty sacrifice if you
don’t use the right that was purchased with other people’s sweat and
Change the statistics — catch the habit — welcome to the process —
we need you — GO VOTE .”

If it’s before Tuesday and you don’t know where or how to vote on
Tuesday, google the words  “secretary of state minnesota voting” (or
replace minnesota by the name of the state you are in)  and that
should enable you to find what you need to know.

If it is Tuesday and you haven’t voted yet  GO NOW  If you’ve already
voted by absentee ballot,  THANK-YOU.

Educate yourself and then  GO VOTE .       Tell your friends to
educate themselves and encourage them to GO VOTE .

Consider forwarding this email to friends who need to hear it.

Welcome to your citizenship!   Use it well.

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