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I Love My Hair!

October 26, 2010

I saw a great video making the rounds on Facebook the other day. In fact it even made it to Time Magazine. It was a viral video of a song that appeared in a Sesame Street episode. The song is called “I Love My Hair.”

In an interview on NPR the creator, head writer Joey Mazzarino, describes how he wrote the song for his daughter who’s adopted from Ethiopia. Having two white parents she was going through an identity crisis with her hair. She wanted flowing “white” person hair, and asked her parents why she was so different. A month or so later he discovered the issue affected more than just African-American children with white parents, it affected most of the black youth in general. He discovered this when he watched a documentary by comedian Chris Rock called Good Hair. So as a result Joey wrote the song, containing lyrics that were lessons and things he wanted to say to his daughter.

I think it’s great that Sesame street is dealing with identity issues in its show. Arguably much more important than the difference between near and far. Check out the video below:

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