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October 20, 2010

You ever go back to a hobby, a song, or a poem after awhile and become completely exhilarated? Having that beautiful realization of how amazing it is, and how much you’ve missed it. Well I’m there right now with bikram yoga.

I practiced a good amount when I lived in LA, and I loved it. I moved and the ski season approached, and took over my life. Road tripping in the spring, and I was pretty busy this summer getting my bearings in my new home. But now that I’m settled in and winter is approaching I’m beginning to rediscover myself and my hobbies here in Seattle. I have a lot of friends who dislike bikram, and some who downright hate it. It’s too hot. It’s the same postures every single time. But those are some of the things I like most about it.

I love the hot environment. I love sweating, the feel of cleanse your body of impurities. I love working on the mental toughness that is required to stand still in one pose in a boiling hot room. Pushing out all weak thoughts and concentrating on your strength as the sweat drips off your body like rain from a cloud. I love that it’s the same  26 postures every time. Everyday you have the opportunity to sink into each one just a little more. To tweak your hip a little this way, and to open your chest a little bit that way. I think there is something very symbolic in that- everyday trying to improve a static pose just a little bit.

And I love the way I feel when I walk out of class. Refreshed, and completely renewed The traction on your body. Feeling your insides squeezed out, feeling the blood radiating through your veins. The meditation after the class during savasana.

I love it.

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