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¡Viva la Flopping!

July 12, 2010

Firstly, congratulations to Spain for their first World Cup title! It was a hard fought battle and a very good game. It really could have gone either way, but due to Spain’s determination and an excellent job by their keeper Spain gets to go home the victor. ¡Felicidades hombres!

Second, congratulations to South Africa for being such a wonderful host, and successfully holding a spectacular World Cup.

Now that I have all of the kudos out of the way let me address a big problem I saw in this World Cup (and in a lot of soccer in general). From the casual fan to the hooligan I think most people will agree there is too much flopping going on. Look at the amount of yellow cards during the final along with the flip-flopping of players all over the field. It’s getting to the point of ridiculousness. FIFA is considering adding additional officials for the next World Cup, but I think more actions should be taken. Here are my two recommendations:

First, give out more yellow cards to floppers. Some officials are already doing this in vendetta fashion, but I think it should be widespread precedence amongst all officials. I know the officals are having a hard enough time making calls plays on the field *cough* Koman Coulibaly *cough*, but I think the officials should keep their eyes out for actors, and be more vigilant about carding offenders.

Second, start keeping falls as a stat. You could have- “Falls Taken”  and “Falls Taken for Penalties”. Other sports record when players make mistakes or make game changing plays. Watch any soccer match and tell me that penalties called on flopping can’t change the outcome of the game. When you get down to it flopping is an art form. Some players never flop, some fall from strong gusts of wind, and yet others know when to perfectly time that “shin-grab-and-cry” maneuver. Sure it’s not as flashy as a rocket shot from outside the box, the samba step, a perfect one-touch assist, or a billion other flashy moves but it’s just as effective in determining the outcome of a game. Additionally, recording falls will help officials in knowing who to keep an eye on for fallacious flailing, publicly ridicule glass-legged players (hopefully changing their ways), and show the public who are the “toughest” players (which hopefully players will strive to become).

Don’t like that idea FIFA? Then do something to fix this flopping issue. Unless you’d like team practices to start looking like this:

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