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Sasquatch Watch: Broken Social Scene

May 24, 2010

When my friend and I were trveling through the Red Woods she was playing Dj whilst I was playing driver.

“Who is this?” I asked.

Broken Social Scene.” She’d say. The next song would come on and I’d ask the same question, and she’d give me the same answer. Apparently I had stumbled onto a band that I liked. It wasn’t until a days ago I later realized that they would be appearing at sasquatch, and I would get the chance to see them live. I downloaded their most recent album and I was hooked.

Hailing from the great North (aka Canada) the Broken Social Scene is a hodge podge of musicians ranging in numbers anywhere from six to nineteen. Their music has a distinct atmospheric feel, yet they’re able to keep solid and catchy beats, something most I feel atmospheric music loses in the chaos. I can’t tell you much more about these indie rockers other than their newest album “Forgiveness Rock Record” is a must buy. I look forward to seeing them live, and getting more into this talented bunch.

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