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Sasquatch Watch: Massive Attack

May 23, 2010

Hopefully you’re not too disturbed by the video, but be honored to check it out. The video was actually banned in the US. Anyways, Massive Attack. Often considered the pioneers of the ‘trip-hop’ genre, these two (originally three) producers have been on my radar ever since I was in my depressive teenage years. Their infectious electronic beats mixed with vocals from various talented musicians have provided the soundtrack to many a moody night for me and many others. If you haven’t heard of these guys get your head out of your hole and start listening, for you have quite a catalogue to catch up on. They’ve been producing ever since they were originally founded in 1988, and have been toying with their ever changing style ever since. Not afraid to play with downtempo electronic beats they’ve been pioneers to the electronic genre, and challenged the concept of electronic music. As Daddy G said about their early album ‘Blues Lines’, “… what we were trying to do was create dance music for the head, rather than the feet. I think it’s our freshest album, we were at our strongest then.” Most of their music can be called atmospheric, hitting you deep in your soul while making your toes tap all at the same time. Another wonderful thing about this band is the fresh sounds found in each track. In a single album you’ll find slacker rap lined with a simple beat right next to a melodic piece coupled with angelic vocals. If you’re looking for variation in your music look no further than these mad scientists.

A few of my favorite tracks include, “Protection”, “Blue Lines”, “Safe From Harm”, “Teardrop”, “Better Things”, and “Five Man Army”. I haven’t heard much of their new album ‘Heligoland’, but from the snippets I’ve listened to I’m a fan. These dudes are legendary, and it will be a not-to-miss show for sure.

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