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Sasquatch Watch: The xx

May 18, 2010

The Sasquatch Music Festival is coming up in ten short days, so I thought I would start blogging a bit about it, and introduce some of the bands I’m extremely excited to see. Today I’ll start with one of my favorite new artists of the past year: The xx.

I love all things minimalist. I think it’s extremely hard to do more with less, but when it’s accomplished I think it’s ten times more powerful than doing more with more. Consider the simple joys of a cool breeze on a hot day, the smell of freshly baked bread, or receiving a smile from a beautiful girl. The best things in life are usually the ones in the smallest boxes. And The xx excel at providing full emotional punch using the simplest of beats. Using simple rhythms, calming vocals, and catchy keyboard riffs they’ve seamlessly created a beautiful self-titled freshman album “XX”. I think the strongest test for a band’s longevity is to see if they have ability to create their own unique sound, and The xx hit it out of the park on the first attempt.

I first caught their single “Crystalized” on XM radio, but soon fell in love with “Heart Skipped a Beat”, “Islands”, “Basic Space”, “VCR”, hell even the intro is an awesome piece of composition slowly building to wonderful climax (even though that stupid Apolo Ohno commercial during the Olympics slightly ruined it for me).

Check out The xx if you love simplistic yet catchy indie rock, beautiful lyrics, and a complete album with a very unique sound.

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