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Arrested Development

May 18, 2010

Over the last week or two I’ve been blessed by Netflix. And I’m not talking about their meteoric rise in the stock market (that was nice as well), but their addition of Arrested Development to their “Watch Instantly” library. I wish I had amnesia so that I could watch it all anew, but memory-loss or not I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my second walk-through this amazing show. Definitely one of my favorite TV shows ever for the simple reason that it’s one of the smartest and well written comedies I have ever seen. Add a hilarious cast with impeccable timing and you have yourself an unforgettable show. I think it’s also perfectly suited to my comedic tastes. Clever word play with puns, dry humor, and even a bit of slapstick added for good measure. And the entire show is packed with gems. It’s not your malt-o-meal variety breakfast cereal. It’s granola, packed to the brim with filling bits of comedy at every moment. So if that sounds like your cup of tea check it out. 

Of course not everyone liked Arrested Development. Or at least that’s what the Nielson ratings told us. So Fox studios pulled the project after three short seasons. Sadly I think the show was a little too smart to be on prime time. I don’t mean to sound cynical, but the majority of Americans aren’t that high brow with their comedies (look at the top box office draws on any given day if you don’t believe me). Prime time television is no place for smart comedies. Leave that to the cable stations. Prime time is all about the cheap to produce, topical, and thrown together TV shows that act as filler between commercials. But thanks to the internet you can now enjoy Arrested Development on sites like Hulu and Netflix.

So if you’ve never heard of the show, or if you’ve never seen it before here is a doubled thumbed endorsement from me. Do yourself a favor and check out the show.

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