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Top Five Love Songs You’ve Never Heard Before- unless you have (and more!)

February 14, 2010
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Happy Valentines day!

I’ll try to be a little more positive on my post this year. So instead of complaining about the holiday I thought I would share some of my favorite love songs with you. Aside from poetry I can’t think better medium than music to express love. It’s the way the music between the notes moves you, the way the lyrics speak to you without really saying anything. I just love love songs, I think they’re the perfect way to share everything you couldn’t say or express yourself.

But instead of sharing those time worn classics like “Wonderful Tonight” or “Your Song” I thought I’d share some lesser known songs that should be heard. And some others as well…

In no particular order….

“In These Arms” ~ Swell Season

In case you’ve never seen “Once” go rent it. It’s a beautiful movie starring the duo of Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova also known as the front two of the band Swell Season. It’s a beautiful movie with beautiful music, talking about love, heartbreak, and everything in between. “In These Arms” is a stunning song off their newest album. A song about second chances, timing, and just plain working to make things work. I just love it.

“First day of my Life” ~ Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes, also known under the moniker of Conor Oberst is probably the best modern day lyricist  I can think of. I love this song, and I love this video. There is something so raw and pure about it. It’s incredible.

“Feel My Love” ~ Adele

Oddly enough I just discovered Adele this year (well, least year technically). The first time was when I shazamed her in a coffee shop in LA. Next time was when I was helping some friends pick a song for their wedding day and this gem popped up. Then, not so long ago this was the song at my cousin’s wedding. This song has some kind of destiny with me I figure. Adele has an incredible voice, and here they are perfectly coupled with these powerful lyrics. It doesn’t get much better than this.

“Set Fire to the Third Bar” ~ Snow Patrol + Martha Wainwright

I normally wouldn’t admit I have any Snow Patrol in my iTunes collection, but I cannot deny that this song is within my top ten play count. A haunting song with two voices that compliment each other perfectly. An epic song of longing and love. The emotion is palpable coming off their tongues.

“True Love Waits” ~ Radiohead

A very rare song you’ve probably never heard unless you have a boot-leg version. I still have no clue what most of the lyrics mean, but that doesn’t really matter. The tone of Yorke singing and the title should give you enough of the message. I think I’m jaded enough at this point in my life to not believe in a singular “true love”. But I do believe in “true love”. And I think if you are ever lucky enough to find it, feel it, and fight for it, you can relate in this song. That true love is worth waiting for…


Ok, so Valentines day isn’t all roses and chocolate. Some of us don’t have loved ones to hold onto, and  some of us know better than to think love is all happy endings. Here is my favorite heart-break song. And of course it’s a country song. I think this song perfectly encapsulates heart break. The fantasy you set up around love, and the less than story book ending that more often than not happens. This is a live version by the Austin based band Reckless Kelly, and I highly recommend checking out the studio version on iTunes. The instrumental is not so bad either. These guys rock.

“Wicked Twisted Road” ~ Reckless Kelly

And the award for the worst love song ever…

“Unchained Melody” ~ Willie Nelson

Like peanuts and bubble gum, sometimes two great things shouldn’t be put together.  I heard this song when I traded some music with a friend, and had I been a dog I would have howled. Sometimes love songs are so good they hurt your heart, but this one did it in that bad way… sorry Willie.

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