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January 4, 2010

Two-thousand ten. It sounds impressive doesn’t it?

It did to a lot of movie producers/writers at least. I remember when I was little roaming around the video rental store (yes, you read that right. VIDEO rental) I would find all of these futuristic sounding titles that were placed in 2010. They had flying cars, laser guns, apocalyptic zombies, robots, and clones. And like those movie producers I too had big dreams for the year 2010. I thought I would be married, have a steady job, and live in a house with a yard and a dog. But here I am in 2010. No steady career path, no girl, and no concrete idea of where my life is headed. But regardless I feel good. As they say, “All who wander are not lost.” And while I’m still wandering I’m having a great time doing it. And now more than ever I have an idea where I’m going- I think…

2009 was an amazing year for me. I fully healed from a past heart-ache. I bit the bullet and moved from LA. I saw a lot of awesome music. I had wonderful adventures up, down, and across the country. And I took a leap of faith to become a ski bum in one of the most beautiful spots in North America. Yet while 2009 was great I’m looking forward to 2010. 

I’m not a fan of New Years resolutions. I think they fall apart too soon and too fast. It seems that for most people New Years resolutions hold as much water as a smurf thimble. These days I tend to only make one at a time to keep my life simple. Last year I only made one: cook more. I’m glad to say I actually kept up with it. This year my friend and I made the resolution to live more courageously. To stand up in hard times, and to defend those who need defending. We’ll see how it goes. I don’t believe in New Years resolutions because I think people should set goals on a daily/monthly basis. I believe people should make little steps towards becoming a better person each day. I don’t see the value in waiting for a new year to get started, and I think the failure of most people keeping their new years resolutions is testament to that. 

No, I don’t think New Years resolutions are effective. But I do think there is value in the New Year. I think people in general love the idea of a new beginning, and each new year contains that. It’s that time of year where your sports team has another chance to make it to the play-offs, another chance to get that promotion, or another chance to take that trip around the world. 

I’m excited for 2010. I’m excited to get my PSIA and avalanche certification. I’m excited to learn more about teaching and skiing. I’m excited to move to my new home after the season and try to plant new roots. I’m excited to meet new friends, and explore a new place. I’m excited about looking into a new career and going back to school. I’m just excited to feel like I’m moving, and no longer spinning my wheels in a rut. I’m in a good place right now, and I’m excited for a new start. I may not be getting a flying car anytime soon, but if I can start myself down a good track I’ll be perfectly fine with riding a bike.

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