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Being Thankful

November 27, 2009

Happy belated Turkeyday!

It is so nice coming back home and seeing my family. Helping my Mom in the kitchen, my Dad reading by the fireplace, and my brother watching football in the other room. As I’m getting older these family gatherings are getting more and more scarce, so I’m becoming ever more thankful for those chances. As I’m getting older I think I’m getting more thankful in general. And being that Thanksgiving is a day dedicated to being grateful I thought I’d dedicate a post to being thankful (Albeit a day late).

Recently I’ve been trying to be more conscious about living in the present. I think I’ve always naturally been inclined to being present, but my recent move from LA really cemented that philosophy into my skull for the time being. In the last few weeks before I left LA I felt like Louis from “Interview with the Vampire” soon after Lestat turned him into an immortal blood-sucker. He talks about his new vampire senses amplifying everything he perceives, how “the world had changed, yet stayed the same.” I felt that way with  LA the weeks before I left. The colors seemed brighter, the air warmer than usual, and I suddenly didn’t mind sitting in traffic watching the craziness of LA around me. I knew that these were my last moments in a place that had been my home for the last three years. I was like a man on death-row savoring his last meal. It is the realization of finality makes us truly appreciate what we have. It makes us appreciate every common day occurrence we took for granted all those times before.

You hear those clichés over and over again. “Live each day like it’s your last”, “dance like no ones watching”, “love like you’ll never be hurt.” But clichés become clichés because they hold some truth. The trick to living a full life, I believe, is to be thankful for every moment and not to wait for the end to make the most of a situation. I know I have many instances where I wish I knew I was doing something or holding someone for the last time. Had I known I would have cherished that moment more. Life is a funny thing. With so many uncertainties and chaotic elements you never really know when each moment might be your last. My recommendation is to be grateful for each and every moment in your day.

When I was traveling in India I met a very nice French-Canadian couple. The man was an ex-Mountie, and told me something that I have carried with me every since. He said every day he wakes up he kisses his wife and says, ” Today is going to be a beautiful day.” He went on to explain how he felt that he was truly lucky in life, and he never knew which was going to be his last. So in the spirit of the holiday and our Mountie friend be thankful for each and every day you have. Be thankful for your friends, your family, your loved ones. Be grateful for all of the gifts life has to offer, and don’t take anything for granted.

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