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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

November 23, 2009

Maybe you’ve already heard of this band. But if you’re like me (and in a musical coma for the last four years) you might have just stumbled upon this amazing Brooklyn based indie rock group.

I recently discovered them after scrolling through NPR’s “50 Most Important Recordings of the Decade“. I was checking out some of the bands I hadn’t heard of before, and I stumbled across their gem of a freshman release “Clap Your Hands Say Yeah”. They are noted for their incredible success story. Not having a record deal they released their music via the interweb, and gained popularity through word-of-blog alone. An incredible success story, and a perfect example of how the internet is changing the music scene. 

Anyways, after a few listens on YouTube I was hooked and bought their first CD, the self-titled “Clap Your Hands Say Yeah”. An awesome album from second track to last (the first track is a trippy carnivalesque intro I could do without). The lead singer sounds like a young David Byrne, and the entire album is driven by powerful-yet-simple rhythms, catchy guitar riffs, and playful harp inserts. The entire album flows from one song to the next, something you don’t get too often in the singles based music strategy these days. Even the instrumental in-betweens kick some butt (I especially dig ‘Blue Turning Grey’). 

I haven’t checked out their newest album, ‘Some Loud Thunder’, but I can tell you I’m loving their first one. Some of my favorite tracks include, “The Skin of My Country Yellow Teeth”, “Over and Over Again”, “Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood”, “Details of the War”, “heavy Metal”, well, pretty much the entire album. A highly enjoyable music experience I’d recommend checking out. I think it’s too early for me to say it’s one of my favorite albums of the decade, but it’s quickly climbing up there. 

Take a listen…

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