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Hello Again…

August 19, 2009

919532Well I know it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted, and even longer since I’ve had a substantial post. But as per usual, that’s because I’ve been pretty busy/distracted for the last few weeks. So for now let me just update you on some recent happenings…

Work- Work recently has been interesting. I’ve recently been helping out on a show (which I think I should be APing on instead, but that’s a different story) in the art department as an Art PA. Art department is interesting, and very different from what I normally work on. But for all of those reasons I really like it. Most of my days involve running around and shopping for stuff, then heavy lifting, moving things, organizing props, and a little arts and crafts here and there. It’s actually kind of fun, and being back in a PA position I can turn my brain off and just follow orders. I remember when I first started as a PA I thought it was the hardest job. You’re always on the move, and always working. But now that I’ve been a coordinator, and moving back to a PA I see that it’s just a different type of difficult. As a coordinator you’re constantly stressed out and trying to problem solve, and any hiccups fall directly on your shoulders. As a PA you’re more or less a blunt instrument, and as long as you can anticipate what needs to get done, be a team player, and work hard it’s really not too hard. Anyhow, it’s nothing I’m super proud of, but it’s nice to earn a little money here and there. It’s better than earning no money…

Friend Visited- A good college friend of mine came out and visited, and we had a blast. It was definitely the best visit I’ve had from any of my friends so far. He’s adventurous and free-spirited like myself, so he had no problem staying on his feet and exploring LA to the fullest. During our time we checked out the Mann Chinese theatre in Hollywood, slack-lined in Runyon Canyon, hiked to the observatory, took in a walk-off homer at a Dodgers game, drove to Santa Barbara to visit a friend and check out fiestas (which I highly recommend if you’ve never been before), got breakfast at a hippy coffee shop in Topanga Canyon, swung on the rings in Santa Monica, saw Toots and the Maytails for reggae night at the Hollywood Bowl, explored downtown culinary treats, learned some MMA techniques at my jiu-jitsu gym, and got Korean BBQ. It’s always fun to have friends visit cause you get to explore the city and do things you normally wouldn’t on a day to day basis. But on top of that it was great to get to spend more time with him, and catch up, and just talk life in general. I think time is a good test of friendship, and the fact we’re still in touch and still have some great adventures says a lot.

Summer Movies- I normally don’t get too hyped up about summer movies, but there are three I’ve especially enjoyed this summer:

  • “Up”- Seeing the previews for this film I had no clue how Pixar was going to make an old man in a house full of balloons interesting. But being a Pixar film, I figured they’d find a way. I mean, they did find a way to create an incredible short film on a snow globe (one of my favorites, check it out before Pixar takes the YouTube video down). So bottom line in the story was very touching, and very well done. Granted they take great leaps from reality many of times, but it’s a very heart-felt tale about dreams, loyalty, and honor. It’s incredible how Pixar can make some of the most poignant and moving films using only animated characters. Maybe they should sell some of their scripts for Hollywood so they can have some live action films worth seeing.
  • “The Hurt Locker”- An incredible war film based on the 2004 Iraq war. Political, exciting, and very well done. It captures many topical areas of the war in an incredible narrative piece. Granted the hand-held/crash zoom effect gets tiring after awhile, but great movie none-the-less. Check it out.
  • “500 Days of Summer”- Probably my favorite movie of the year so far. Such an incredible film. Great sound track, great actors, great story. It’s innovative, moving, and smart. I think this film speaks to any hopeless romantic, or anyone who’s ever been confused about love before (which I’m pretty sure is everyone). It gives a fresh and modern look on a tired genre, and an interesting profile on how romance fits in within this less than romantic world we live in.

Winter Plans- I still have some planning to do, but as of now I plan to spend the winter in Telluride teaching skiing and hopefully bartender. I’ve always loved skiing, and being a ski bum has kind of been a dream of mine (ever since my dream of skiing in the Olympics was crushed by certain truths). I figure I’m still young enough where I can do stupid things, so why not? Telluride is an incredible mountain, a very cool town, and I’ve always wanted to teach skiing. I’m pumped, now I just need to plan it out.

North West Adventure- Seeing as I have no job, and no future job prospects, I’ve decided to check out the North West United States. It should be a great trip. I haven’t spent an extended period up there, but every memory of it that I have is incredible. Besides the United States I’ll be traveling up to Canada and checking out Vancouver and Banff. I’m really stoked to see the Canadian Rockies. The more pictures I see the more excited I get. I can’t wait. I will be posting my itinerary sometime shortly. As soon as I actually plan out my trip…

Escape From L.A.- I’m doing it. I’m getting out of here. I’m not sure where I am going to end up, but I’m ready to leave L.A. Come September 19th I’ll have been here for 3 years. I’ve met a lot of cool people, discovered a lot of cool places, discovered new hobbies, seen a lot of good music, eaten some great food, and I’ve climbed the ranks in my profession. But throughout those three years I can’t ever say I was really happy. I’ve been content, but I can’t say happy. I think it really hit me the last time I was home. I was sitting on the dock with my cousin and she asked how I liked LA. I gave my normal response of, “eh, it’s LA”. She responded, “Well maybe you just aren’t happy in LA”. It’s about as close to a zen moment as I’ve gotten in awhile. I’d been questioning the city and my work for awhile, but it took a simple sentence from my cousin to sum it all up. So my plan as of now- after I return from my trip up North I’ll be down-sizing, selling what I can, then stuffing the rest of it into a storage Pod. Travel to Telluride for the winter, then return in the Spring and move to my new location, wherever that may be. I’m scouting the Northwest to see what I think, but I’m also thinking of Colorado (Denver or Boulder), maybe back East (kind of doubtful, I like the idea, but I want to explore somewhere new), and possibly Austin (only cause they have a good music scene and a good production scene, but I kind of doubt I’ll end up there). It’s pretty scary. Knowing I have to make new friends, find a new job, and figure out a whole new city. It’s exciting, but scary.

Anyhow, that’s what’s going on with me these days. I’ll be posting my itinerary soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

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