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So That Is What It Takes

July 13, 2009

If you’ve ever flown across country, internationally, or just been on a plane period you have no doubt felt frustration towards on or more Airline companies. Whether it be a delay at your gate, lost luggage, or poor customer service. Well here is a a wonderful story about one passenger that was actually able to get some response from an airline. But not after calling, or writing a nasty e-mail, or dealing directly with the Airline’s lawyers. No, as many of us know those tactics hardly ever work. Turns out to be heard by a major airline (United Airlines in this case), one must make a catchy song, post it on YouTube, and get around 2 million views.

This story is of a Canadian Man named Dave Carroll, and an unfortunate incident involving a broken guitar at the hands of United Airlines employees. According to Mr. Carroll, he witnessed poor baggage handling from outside the window. More specifically, he saw his guitar tossed carelessly across the tarmac. When he got home he realized the neck of his guitar was broken. He immediately contacted United Airlines about the incident, yet received no compensation for his instrument for over a year. He decided to finally take matters into his own hands, and came out with this catchy little tune:

United eventually contacted him after the video went viral, and FINALLY offered to give him compensation for his guitar. Oh wait, they also loved the video, and decided to use it in their training “so everyone receives better service from [United Airlines]”. Way too little, way too late. But a wonderful FAIL by United.

Moral of the story: This is a perfect example of how Web 2.0 is giving power to the people. Once voice may not be enough to directly confront United Airlines, but when it’s heard by 2 million ears they have no choice but to listen.

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