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On The Move Again…

May 29, 2009

I once joked that I should just keep my bag packed sometimes, I’m thinking it might not be a bad idea these days. I’m trying to find a home in LA, really I am, but I just can’t seem to keep myself still. As I type this I’m sitting the in Philadelphia airport waiting for a flight out to Albany, NY- and then home. It’s always tough defining “home” for my family and I. We use the word interchangeably with NM and NY,  but deep down Chatham is really my hometown. I ran my first track meet there, I climbed my first tree in its woods, I learn to ski on a patch of snow next to our road off Red Rocks and learned to drive on those back country roads. 

I’m going home for a few reasons this time around. Firstly, my Grand Father passed away, so I’m going back for his memorial service. Secondly, I’m going to my five year college reunion. It’s a bittersweet jaunt back East. I’m excited to see my family and friends, but it will be sad to mourn over the memory of my Grand Father. My father wrote a very touching letter to my Grand Father. He feels he’s unable to read it without breaking down, so he’s having my brother and I read it instead- I’m not so sure I will do any better. Reading his letter it’s sad to realize I didn’t know my Grand Father as well as I wanted to. One of the saddest epiphanies I come to with old age is that I was not as close to my family as I would have liked to be. Lucky, with realization comes the ability to change. But reading my father’s letter I realize what an incredible man my Grandfather was, and how many gifts he truly passed down to me. But more on that later, I think he deserves a post all his own. 

On a lighter note, I’m excited to see my college friends. And my old college. As silly as it sounds, one of the main reasons I went to Trinity was the beautiful campus. I remember visiting it and seeing so vividly myself walking down the picturesque oak-lined quad. The springs are always beautiful, the flowers in full bloom, the grass lush and green, the warm sun beating down in golden rays. I’m also excited to see my friends of course. I’ve been fairly good about seeing my friends after college, but having everyone in one place will be a treat. 

My work is going well so far. I’m still around, which is excellent. They already cut one researcher, so I’m crossing my fingers I stay for a few more weeks. I’m hoping I get in the field as well, but it sounds like that’s an uncertainty at this point, but I’m crossing my fingers. But work is still fun. It’s pretty awesome I get to learn stuff on a daily basis, regardless how abstruse and bizarre it may be. Like the fact that a team in Britain spent half a million dollars to figure out a duck likes a shower better than a pond as a water source. 

Anyhow, I gotta run. They’re playing my song.

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