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April Fools

April 6, 2009

I realize I’m a few days late in posting about this holiday, but this is only because I was victim to a prank recently, but just now realized it. 

One of my favorite Improv Tropes/Urban Prankster groups Improv Everywhere got me good, really good. One of their constantly running scenes is the “Best ____ Ever” scene. Is these scenes they gather a large mass of people who zealously cheer on whatever event is to take place. They’ll have strangers come with banners to little league softball games, they’ll have  masses of people with flowers and banners pick up a person at the airport, or sell out a small rock band performing at a local pub. I was checking out their website recently and they had a “Best Funeral Ever” segment up. Here they had mourners come to a small funeral and make it “The Best Funeral Ever”. I was very appalled. My Grandfather passed away recently (more on that later), so I didn’t think the prank was so funny. I was shocked by their lapse in good taste, and I was extremely disappointed in the group as a whole. 

Turns out it was a prank. The entire thing was staged, and then released. Turns out they’re equally as good at pranking me as the masses they target on a daily basis. They even fooled the local news…

CW 11 News Falls for Fake Improv Everywhere April Fool’s Mission – video powered by Metacafe

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