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Oh The Places I Could Go!

April 1, 2009

When Dr. Seuss wrote the now clichéd graduation allegory I’m sure he did not have the current job market in mind.


For the past few weeks I’ve felt pretty discouraged and lost. I think my lack of work is a large part of it. I read a study on happiness awhile ago, and one of the major contributing factors is contributing in fulfilling work. I’ve been generally happy, but work is definitely something that is lacking in my life. During one’s job search, one can click on the same link so many times. So I’ve been clicking away, and thinking about what other possible job opportunities are out there. What places could I go?


I’ve been watching a bit of The Wire, and other cop related shows. I think serving the law is a very noble profession, plus it pays well, and has a good retirement package. 


Pays well, decent hours, coincides with my passion for fitness and self-defense, gives me the opportunity to become a detective, pays well, I could help the community one crime/criminal at a time. 


Could include tedious jobs like directing traffic, even if I did become a detective it’s very paperwork heavy plus long odd hours, the bureaucracy behind the badge might be tedious after awhile. Oh yeah, and I could get shot. 


One of my new years resolutions was to cook more. With all of my free time I’ve been able to actually pull it off, I’ve been cooking almost every night. It’s saved me a lot of money, and I’m actually starting to really like it (and my risotto is getting to be pretty darn good).


I get to make tasty food all day, learn skills that can be used in a day to day basis, gives me an outlet for my creativity, pay is decent, good job security, and I’d  gain the skills to possibly open a restaurant (something I’ve always been interested in). 


Crazy hours (almost as bad as production), it would take a long time to work up the chain, plus a ton of work, and probably not the most fulfilling of jobs. 


I’ve always been fascinated with body work. I view grappling as the more combative side to this, but I also enjoy the healing side as well.


I get to make my own hours, I get to learn the healing arts as a side product, and I get to help people.


Need to establish a client base, money and work is probably as infrequent as mine is right now, and doesn’t allow me to tap into my creativity.


Both favorite hobbies of mine. I practice both on a regular basis, so why not make money at the same time?


I get a fairly flexible schedule, stay in shape through work, and I get to be around the sports/hobbies I love.


Probably doesn’t pay very well, and doesn’t let me tap into my creativity. 


I feel like I’ve inherited my grandfather and my father eye for composition. Both were photographers, and I feel like I have a lot of their skill passed down genetically. I love to take pictures, and turning into a career seems fairly straight forward. 


Freedom with work, pay is decent, and gives me a great excuse to travel.


Pool of photographers is gigantic- everyone has a camera and is a “photographer” these days, pay and work would probably be pretty in frequent, freelance work would drive me as crazy as I am now. 


Seriously. I think I’d be a good one. Granted I’m not very proficient at the whole cleaning thing, but I think it combines my other talents and favorite things. I can cook, be loving and caring, and I love playing with kids (aka being a kid).


Would assure me plenty of family time and free time of my own.


Doesn’t pay well, would need a rich wife to be feasible, would probably go stir crazy eventually. 


I’ve always been interested in education. Ever since I was in high school. It’s actually a reason I wanted to get into film. 


Great schedule, very fulfilling work, could possibly coach a sport on the side as well, I’d be able to get back into academia, and it would give me a good outlet for my creativity. 


Poor pay, would be tough to get a job with recent influx of 7,000 laid off teachers in California. 

I guess in conclusion I’m not really sure when I’m off to these days. But I’m trying to keep an open mind. I’m going to keep at things. I told myself I’d give myself one more year out here and see where it leads me. We’ll see…

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