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Where’s My Flying Car?

March 31, 2009

jetsons Driving down to a jiu-jitsu tournament the other day, my friends and I were talking about the ingenuity of man-kind. The conversation came about from a darker angle. In a nutshell, we were discussing how the earth was going to eventually be swallowed up by our sun. But we all agreed by that point our species will have discovered a new planet to live on, how to mine materials from other planets and meteorites floating through the blackness of space, and how to warp throughout the universe. We’ve already got and idea of what it will all look like (I like to think Battlestar Galactica has it right), it’s just a matter of time until science catches up with sci-fi. 

Think about the newest scientific discoveries. All of the concepts were all restricted to the pages of comic books some thirty years ago. Clones, jet packs, facial recognition software. They’re all available, and very real now. They’ve even got a flying car now. I think it’s fascinating that imagination leads the way, and science is the one that needs to catch up. I wonder when/where our imagination is out-run by the impossible. I don’t think we’ve hit it yet.

I consider myself very technically savvy. I think I’ve been using computers ever since I was six or so. I can remember when the big jump was from 16 colors to 256 colors. I can remember using an actual floppy disk. Heck, I even remember that mice once had balls instead of infrared lasers. But I often find myself blown away by human innovation and the fast pace of technology.

I can remember an environmental ethics class I took in college. One stance on environmentalism was that in the end human innovation will solve all of our problems, and we needn’t be so conservative about our use of materials and such, because in the end science will solve all. I believe we should be responsible denizens to the blue planet, but I can’t help but think/hope that the theory is correct. That technology will solve our problems, and find a better way for us all to live on this world. I kind of doubt that this video is real, but I’m still in the school of thought that believes “over unity” (free-energy) is possible. Check it out.

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