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January 1, 2009

Happy New Years (eve)! Well I’m not sure about you, but I’m sure ready for a new year. But before moving ahead I wanted to look back. Here’s my take on 2008.

Man of the Year: Barack Obama
He broke the color barrier of the presidency, and galvanized a despondent nation. By restructuring the methodology of grass roots campaigning and capitalizing on new technology, he revolutionized the way in which campaigns will be run in the future. His legacy has just started, but I see a lot of good things for the new leader of the land of the free.

Woman of the Year: Hilary Clinton
Despite her husbands shadowed reputation. Despite her questionable stance as a New York senator, she broke the glass ceiling towards the presidency. While she will more likely be known in trivial pursuit circuits fifteen years from now, I will never forget the great change she brought upon politics in terms of gender equalization.

Scumbag of the Year: Bernie Madoff
I don’t know where to begin with this guy. He more or less epitomizes the greed and corruption that brought this awful recession upon us. Through his actions alone he bankrupted numerous charitable foundations, and created who-knows what stress upon the economy at large. Awful, awful man. I hope they put him away for a long time. 

Country of the Year: China
Spectacular Olympics. Emerging economic powerhouse. Overcoming a heart-wrenching natural disaster. Contaminated dog food. China just couldn’t stay out of the news headlines this year, and with good reason. They are the largest population on the planet, have the largest standing army in the world, and thousands of year of history and culture. They are an incredible people, and an emerging face of global politics. However they’re not without their down-points. A chasm still stands between the upper and lower classes, and the quality of life throughout much of main-land China needs to be developed. Not to mention more freedom of speech and press across the coast.

Athlete of the Year: Michael Phelps
Do I even need to describe this one? 14 career gold medals. Eight gold medals in the 2008 summer Olympics. The boy is nasty. 

Team of the Year: The New York Football Giants
What was the probably the best Superbowl I’ll see in my life, the Giants stopped the Patriots run at perfection. That scramble by Eli to that incredible catch by David Tyree is a high-light that will be seen for a long time. Not to mention their play-off run to get there. Great season. Hopefully they’ll do it again in 2009.  
Scientist of the Year: Daniel Burd
For a high-school science fair this 16 year-old found that if you combine water, yeast and a plastic bag special bacteria develop that eat up the plastic bag in 3 months. The by-products? water, and a bit of carbon dioxide. Big discover for a little man. 
Artist of the Year: Madonna
I kind of hate to do this, but I have to. She’s fifty years old, and she’s still pumping out music, still producing, still making headlines, still dancing like a star, and still, dare I say it, sexy. Not to mention she’s turning herself to the modern day Madonna by dating A-Rod. She’s a bright shining star, you can’t deny it.
Ok, now I’m off to ring in the New Year. Happy New Years! And here’s to a good 2009. 
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