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Like a Phoenix From the Ashes…

December 10, 2008

I saw an inspiring bit of news tonight on the news (redundant I know). It basically looked at the brighter side of this whole “recession-thing”. According to the news enrollment at adult education centers (Community College, Technical College, etc…) are up 18 percent. A lot of people who have been fired from their old job are now applying to school and rebooting their careers with a new one. A 50-year old man who worked at a chemical plant went to school to become a nurse and now works at his local hospital. A woman who spent ten years working in finance on wall street was laid off, and instead of thinking her life was over began to attend culinary school and is now following her life long dream to become a chef. 

Yesterday on the chairlift I was chatting with a man who had studied at Berkley to get his PhD in biochem engineering. After spending a bit of time in the hospital he decided he hated the hours, and he hated the stress. He left LA, and moved to Taos to teach skiing, become a contractor, and love his wife. I tell you this story only to show that you don’t always need hardship to realize that your job doesn’t always run parallel to your happiness. Some of us come to realize where their happiness lies through self-discovery and reflection; and others need something as drastic as being laid off to kick them in the butt. 
I don’t have my quotations journal here, but if I did I’d recite accurately a quote from somebody I could give credit to.  But in the mean time, consider this:
Misfortune is like a knife. 
It can be a useful tool, or cut us.
 It all depends on whether you grab the handle or the blade.
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