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Obama Wins ’08

November 6, 2008

Well it’s all over now, or rather, it’s just begun. The United States of America voted in the first black President. And I couldn’t be prouder. 
Last night was incredible. Being here in the States you could feel the change in the air. You could hear it by car horns carried through the air in the night, you could see it in the faces of those huddled together in Grant Park. Strangers would smile in the streets, and on a single day because of a single man we all became proud to be an American. Because, as Obama beautifully summarized in his victory speech last night, this is what America is all about. Rising from improbable beginnings to the most powerful office in America. 
Congratulations Barack. You’ve won. And nobody can ever take that away from you. Nobody can ever take that away from us. 
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