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Happy Halloween: Part 2

November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween! 

One of my favorite holidays. Although any excuse to get dressed up is a pretty awesome occasion. But I love the whole premise. Tricks and treats, a reason to revisit old scary movies, and as I mentioned an excuse to dress yourself up an adopt an alias for the night. 
But what I don’t get was that for some reason this year there were two Halloweens. Maybe this didn’t happen for everyone, but here in LA Halloween apparently happens twice. The first time happened last weekend, where I saw numerous costumed party goers roam about the streets of Hollywood, and I can only assume people are going out to dress up tonight, on the actual calender Halloween. 
Now granted I love getting dressed up. And I understand that LA is a city that is largely created upon throwing on fake identities. But celebrating one holiday twice? Halloween is occurring on a Friday this week as well, so it’s not like you’re going out on a weekend because you don’t want to go out on a weekday. Grossing over $6.9 billion a year, economic experts have given this careless spending spree a name even: Falloween. I don’t mean to hate on people partying, dressing up, or having a good time. I just hate when commercialism encourages us to go overboard holidays. And now with overnight halloween stores, holiday isles popping up in September, and now two Halloweens I just think this holiday is getting ridiculous. 
I think for my birthday next year I’m going to celebrate it twice. First on the weekend before my birthday just in case anyone is busy, then another on my actual birthday. And yes, I’d like two presents… 
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