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September 11, 2008

Seven years ago today America suffered one of its greatest modern-day tragedies. 19 evil-hearted men caused the death of over 2,974 innocents. It also marked the day all Americans held a single collective breath, stunned by the sudden realization that we too are vulnerable to the rest of the world. 

Today we mourn the losses suffered, but let us also use this day to inspire hope. Hope for a new world of understanding and brotherhood. Hope that the world will learn that evil prescribes to no single religion and bears skin of many colors. Let us pray for peace and tolerance in war torn areas. Let us pray that those with power and influence use their vantage point for philanthropic and not selfish purposes. Today tell those you love how special they are to you. For if 9/11 taught us anything it’s that life is full of unexpected surprises, and those that we love can be taken away in an instant. 
Below is a small video I made my Sophmore year at College. It’s a short montage made with footage I took from the memorial service held at Trinity, as well as footage I captured by Canal St. in New York soon after 9/11. It was the first time I played around with iMovie and a camera by myself. The events of 9/11 stirred up so many emotions for me I needed to do something to express myself, and film seemed the medium I was most comfortable with. It’s rough, as one can expect from the fledgling work of a young artist. But whenever I watch it it transports me back to that time collecting the footage in NYC. I was there donating work boots and work gloves with my girlfriend at the time, and I can remember the shocking stillness of the scene. Certainly it was chaotic and busy, but there was an auspicious air about. But regardless where you went there was not a single wish of revenge, or invective of hatred towards the killers. Instead there was unity, people joining together, helping each other. I believe in times of great pain and sorrow we witness the best in human nature, and they all stem from a place of love, acceptance, and forgiveness. 
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