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Big Sky

July 24, 2008

Most of you would say I was crazy if I told you the skies in New Mexico were bigger. You’d probably say, “How can the ski be bigger? When everywhere has 180º at the most.” It sounds crazy to say, but New Mexico really does have the most sky I’ve ever seen. (I have my own scientific reasoning for the phenomena, but for arts sake I’ll leave that out of this posting). 

I suppose I mention it here because on my last night in New Mexico, tonight, I couldn’t help but gaze in awe at the dark heavens above me. On our way back from dinner in town I couldn’t help but be sad that this was my last night here in Taos. Whenever driving out here, whether passenger or driver,  you can usually find me sticking my head out the window like a dog sniffing at the breeze. I do it to get a clean view of the landscape, and to smell subtle changes in that the wind and earth produce depending on their mood.  Tonight was no different. On our way home from dinner I stuck my head out and into the cool night breeze, saying good-bye to the land I love so much. Off in the distance electrical storms blasted column straight lightning bolts down and into the ground, creating gigantic shadow puppets out of the goliath Taos mountains.
When we arrived home I just wandered about outside. The air was warm from the energy of the storm, and the stars were shining bright. I bet most of you don’t know that there are three constellations that are always out in the Northern hemisphere: the big dipper, the Queen Cassiopeia, and Draco the dragon. And for you Scoprio’s, the scorpion is also out in full force tonight. You can even see the milky way. Yes, the galaxy we live in. It’s a translucent glow that streaks across the navy dark sky. Of course I never even knew the night sky held such treasures until I moved here. There are some places that also have these skies, Colorado, Montana, Utah, Arizona, parts of New York even. But my night skies have been stripped ever since I’ve moved to LA. Stolen, and replaced with a light pink haze, as though a great hot breath has fogged the night sky. 
So I stood there. Watching the lightning burst from behind the dark clouds. As I was showing my Mom constellations a white hot shooting star jetting down from the heavens, as sudden as a wild white stallion darting between two patches of forest. It was by far the most stunning shooting star I’ve seen out here. And of course I made a wish…
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  1. lucidramblings permalink
    July 26, 2008 4:50 pm

    I am still in Arizona where the summer monsoons are in full production. I cant’t help but to want to bottle it up and take it back to share with people in LA. Yes, the skys are indeed larger here.

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