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Well @#$& you, for sure, like totally.

July 14, 2008

Last night I went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. For everyone outside of LA, Cinespia plays films at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery during the summer months. It’s a very cool experience. There is a large lawn filled with people sitting on blankets, low chairs, and fold-out tables decorated with wine bottles and picnic food. A DJ spins music during before the film, and people just lounge, picnic, drink wine, and chat. 

The film started, and a loud wave of applause filled the cemetery. The film was the 1983 romantic comedy Valley Girl. I had never seen it before, but it’s definitely the quintessential LA film. It’s basically about a Hollywood Punk who falls in love with a Valley Girl, who of course is world’s apart. One of the things I love about “going” to the movies is the environment. With so many home theaters these days it’s easy to just veg-out, stay in and watch a film on your own HD Plasma Screen TV and surround sound. But you miss the cheers, the laughter, and the shouting out from live movies. It’s a much more organic experience. And watching a LA based film in LA was very entertaining. 
But one thing that certainly stood out in the film was the excruciatingly bad dialogue. I’m sure it was supposed to be campy, and much of the humor was derived from the bad dialogue. But one of the things I noticed since I have moved out here was how much ‘like’ has crept into my dialogue, like a wild ivy vine breaking into a brick wall (dammit, even similes use ‘like’). But seriously, if you hear me using ‘like’ please feel free to correct me. I say it way too often in my speech. 

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