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Best Job In The World

June 24, 2008

Randomly today my friend sent me a link to this video called “Where the Hell is Matt?” (2008). It’s funny cause I was actually just looking at the video last week and I wanted to post something about it. So I guess it must be kismet telling me to write about this video. 

I originally stumbled across this video a year or two ago. I thought it was pretty awesome, so I checked out the guy’s homepage to learn a bit more. 
Apparently he’s just a normal dude with a weird dance, but during his travels he decided to record his goofy dance all over the world. He then posted it online and was approached by Stride gum to go and do it again with a bigger budget. So basically through his inborn ability to dance like a goofball, the internet, and a far reach by a gum company he was paid to go around the world and travel. How sweet is that? 
I’ve always had a saying, “Find what you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” I recently shared my insight with a co-worker of mine, and she responded that I’m good to work with cause I also am open minded, and approach my work with a good attitude. It got me thinking, what if I’m cruising through life content with work, and missing out on a job, or other opportunities that I would love even more because of an easy going attitude. Living in a lake house in the Adirondacks and swimming the fresh waters every morning, and canoing under the full moon at night. Or a teaching skiing in Telluride, backcountry camping in the summers. Teaching in Santa Fe, enjoying the sunsets and earthy smell of the pinon pines. I love my work, but there are so many things about it that cause me hesitation in devoting my life to it. I love working on production, the thrill of thinking on your feet, working with people from completely different walks of life, adapting to challenges, doing something new everyday, and seeing a large abstract idea come together through a little elbow grease and team-work. But there are so many other things I dislike about it, mainly the time commitment, the 16-18 hour days, and the fact I’m more or less stuck here in LA if I truly want to make it. It hinders so many of goals/joys in my life: my social life, building a family, having a dog again, martial arts, skiing, travel, living abroad, being in nature- if only I had 100 lives to live. 
But I still do love what I do. I hope to achieve success in my field. I hope to create, share and teach through my craft. The main reason I chose to get into the film industry to begin with was to reach out to people, to teach and inspire. Sure travel and dancing like a goof would be fun, but I’m hoping to contribute more to the world than viral videos. Regardless, I am in awe of Matt’s travels, and very envious of his adventures. 

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

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  1. Stepiphany permalink
    June 26, 2008 12:58 am

    How funny – I watched this video today for the first time… two hours before visiting your blog. It must be storming the YouTube scene right now.

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