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June 17, 2008
Ever since I’ve started blogging I’ve been fascinated by other peoples blogs. The more I pay attention to this blog phenomenon the more friends I’ve discovered have their own. Some use the space to vent about their dating lives and the incredulous bar habits of single men. Some use the space to share their lives with old friends from around the states. Some use it for daily epiphanies from life and the work place. And some use it for emotional venting, a personal journal used for letting steam into the open air of the internet. Aside from checking my various friend’s blogs I’ll once in awhile scan through random blogs online to see how others use their little corner of the web. 
While scanning one day I found a blog with a simple title: “I’m Mad”. Reading those words it felt like an old friend calling me on the phone to vent, reaching out to me- I had to read it. The blog belongs to a Woman from Texas, with triplets; one of whom has cerebral palsy. In her blog she writes about her day-to-day life, and the struggles she goes through to find acceptance for her littlest one. Reading more of her posts I couldn’t help but admire the strength of this woman. I already think women are the strongest, most beautiful, and amazing creatures in the world. Tell me what is more amazing than the ability to bear life. Tell me what is more beautiful than when a a woman looks you in the eye and smiles. Tell me what is stronger than fighting against hundreds of years of oppression with calm and gentle class. But after reading this woman’s blog I was even more amazed. She feels hurt and neglect from a God that she has worshipped all life, yet she still shows an unwavering faith and love towards him. That is true strength. I felt honored to be part of her inner sanctum. To be able  see the weakness that she could never show in front of her children. To read about the immense strength she draws on a daily basis from her four year-old child who can’t even walk on her own. I can only hope to be half the parent and person she is. To show that much love and forgiveness, that much compassion.
A few weeks ago I had what most bloggers must go through; the despondency of feeling like your writings are going into the void, being tossed into an immense darkness of nothingness. That was until a close friend of mine IMed me, thanking me for my most recent post. She said she was feeling blue that day, and reading it picked her spirits up- that it was just what she needed to read (She has always been a huge supporter of my writings, and for that I am forever grateful. Thank you). We all blog for different reasons. But I think the best result from blogging, or any creative medium for that matter, is never what we originally intend. We blog to share ideas, to trade stories, and to express ourselves. Never do we intend to inspire others, to infuse them with strength and purpose. Certainly it’s great to catch up with an old friend online, sorting through their old photos and stories. But when you find strength and inspiration from a complete stranger, a kind hearted mother from an unknown place- that is the true power of this medium. 
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  1. Stepiphany permalink
    June 18, 2008 3:48 am

    A few funny things:

    -Your blog is awesome and insightful as ever

    -I’m still trying to figure out which blog category I fall into

    -I wish more men held women in the same regard as you do

    -This entry makes me want to read more blogs, random or not

    -I just wrote a blog entry and tagged it “random thoughts” so I think it’s very funny that when I came to check your blog, I found that you used the same tag

    That’s all!

  2. Law Revue permalink
    June 18, 2008 1:39 pm

    “Tell me what is more amazing than the ability to bear life.”

    Yeah, but can they pee standing up?

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