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Isn’t it Ironic? Don’t cha think?

May 16, 2008


Remember that little post just below this one? Turns out while I was working with my friend today (the mentioned girl from below as well) the California supreme court passed a bill to allow same-sex marriages after thirty days of today. Not only that, but unlike Massachusetts it requires no residency for the marriage license. That means any gay or lesbian couple from around the nation could technically drive/fly to California and get married. This freedom could be limited, however, depending on whether the other states (or the federal government for that matter) recognize said marriage license (which by the way the federal government doesn’t recognize such marriage licenses). There are also many social and religious groups currently fighting to collect signatures to put an amendment on the November ballot to overturn this current ruling. Which would hypothetically overturn the courts decision mad today. So if the bill does pass keep your eyes and ears open in November, and be sure to make your vote count.
But bottom line is: it has started. California, one of the largest and most prolific of the United States has taken steps towards allowing gay marriage, and it’s only a matter of time until the smaller liberal states follow through. I think radical shifts in a nations ideology take a long long time (think about how much racism still exists in our country), but this is a start. And as the Chinese say, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
Oh by the way, the couple is now on the waiting list and will get married in California.
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